What Happened When We Came Under Boko Haram Ambush – Soldier

What Happened When We Came Under Boko Haram Ambush – Soldier

A security personnel, Usman Chindo has revealed what he and other members of the Joint Task Force, JTF, passed through after they came under heavy attack from the Boko Haram insurgents.

Read his story below;

The car horn almost killed him with fear, you can practically see how delighted he was that that sound wasn’t an IED going off.

In a combat zone, such fear are daily routine, as I watched the clip, I recall the various death calls I had. In 2013 when Potiskum was hotter than Maiduguri, we were ambushed by BH during a routine patrol. It was a DEMOLITION AMBUSH, I won’t go into full detail because it’s a long story, but needless to say i was freakin balls. I was sooo scared i was going to die. it all worked out though. As component of the JTF, we are used to having fire superiority. We are always in control, but being ambushed is a whole new level of chaos.

At this point I can’t describe the events in any linear, causal, or logical way.Things just happened. I have flashes of memories: but after 30 minutes of multiple burst fire, explosion and screaming I could remember seeing :-

Our vigilante guide whispering “Wayo Allah . . . Wayo Allah” as he bled out

A MOPOL personal from the SE visibly shaken was screaming “waitin now, waitin now. Make dem divide this useless country”

The Oic was still yelling “TAKE COVER!” as the sound of retrieving BH fighters can be heard on the (estimated) enemy position about 50 meters away

And then it was just over. We were left to lick our wounds.This ambush stood out to me as the worst scare I have experienced.

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